About Us

Greetings! I'm Sanoj Sen, a frontend developer with a passion for crafting cool websites. For me, web development is not just a profession; it's a creative outlet where I can bring ideas to life. This website you're exploring is one of my beloved side projects – a testament to my fascination with encryption and small tools. As a frontend developer, I used technologies like Next.js, JavaScript, and CryptoJS, and bunch of other things to create this website. And I'm not stopping here; I'm constantly brainstorming ways to expand the platform's offerings to encompass a wider range of tools and services. Your support means the world to me – whether it's through feedback, suggestions, or simply spreading the word.

At Anycript.com, we prioritize security and privacy above all else. All the data you enter is processed on client side, so its safe, your data is not going nowhere. All this encryption tools are designed with packages like CryptoJS, Forge, MD5 hash, Npm plugins, etc.. So you can trust that your data and it will remains secure throughout the process.

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